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Community NHL Mock Draft 2012: Dallas Stars

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Anyone else feeling a strong urge to start a "Norm Green sucks!" chant right about now? Go ahead. Right there at your desk. Not only will your boss allow it, but may well promote you for doing so.

Or, we could just move on. The Stars have some needs, and like most others in this area, they need to address them right now. The Stars are where the Wild were five years ago. A team that went all in, missed the mark, and are no somehow mired in mediocrity, unable to escape the painful, life sucking, soul crushing mediocrity...

Today, we try to help out the best we can. Who will be the pick for the Stars that everyone looks back on and says, "Ah, yes. I knew they would pick him?"

By the way... Norm Green sucks.

Our draft thus far:

  1. Edmonton Oilers: Nail Yakupov
  2. Columbus Blue Jackets: Ryan Murray
  3. Montreal Canadiens: Alex Galchenyuk
  4. New York Islanders: Filip Forsberg
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs: Mikhail Grigorenko
  6. Anaheim Ducks: Matthew Dumba
  7. Minnesota Wild: Jacob Trouba
  8. Carolina Hurricanes: Teuvo Teravainen
  9. Winnipeg Jets: Morgan Rielly
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning: Griffin Reinhart
  11. Washington Capitals (from Colorado): Radek Faksa
  12. Buffalo Sabres: Cody Ceci