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Zach Parise Files: Joey Lagano Wins Pocono 400

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The Zach Parise saga continues to roll on, despite the fact Parise is battling for a Stanley Cup, and had no time for such trivialities. So far, we have twice explored the impact of horse racing on the Parise situation, the words of Kurtis Foster, comments by the Edmonton Journal's beat writer, and yesterday, idiocy from a columnist in Detroit. We still have plenty of avenues to explore.

With the "Chase for the Cup" still in the future, NASCAR fans are mired down in their "regular season," meaning that each race has some sort of "playoff" implications. Most of which no one can actually explain. With Joey Lagano winning the Pocono 400 yesterday, in the number 20 Home Depot Car previously driven by Tony Stewart, there has to be implications that will impact Zach Parise, right?

Who had the fastest pit times? Who led the most laps? How does this race change what Zach Parise might be thinking on July 1st? After the jump.

Yeah... we don't care about NASCAR.