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NHL Mock Draft 2012: Hockey Wilderness Selects Jacob Trouba With No. 7 Pick

USA! USA! USA! Or, you know, something like that.
USA! USA! USA! Or, you know, something like that.

It is mock draft season, in case you had not noticed. We have the Fan Contest running in the FanPost section, multiple mocks on our draft site, and will flood you with our picks next week.

With that in mind, Hockey Wilderness is proud to select Jacob Trouba in the SB Nation NHL mock draft. With the folks from Battle of California selecting Matthew Dumba just before us, we were left with a seemingly easy choice. However, the draft is never that easy, so expect things to be much more difficult for Brent Flahr and company next weekend.

For more information on Trouba, be sure to check out Dan's preview on him from May 7th. Dan has him as the second best defensemen in the draft behind Ryan Murray, so the Wild getting Trouba at seven could be seen by some as a bit of a steal. Of course, with the level of talent on the blue line in this year's draft, it almost feels like it is tough to go wrong.

Russo said on Twitter yesterday that he had lunch with Flahr, and has no idea what direction the Wild will go. He also mentioned that this is the most unpredictable draft in recent memory. All that could be scary for some, but there is new confidence in Flahr that the old scouting staff never would have received.

Our pick in the SBN Mock draft is Jacob Trouba. Join us next Friday to see who the Wild actually select.