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Ryan Suter Files: The Other White Meat

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The<em> OTHER</em> white meat? Excuse me?
The OTHER white meat? Excuse me?

Minnesota Wild fans seem to be caught in a Catch 22. If fans get excited about the team being in on superstar free agents, they are openly mocked by opposing fan bases. "It's cute how Wild fans think free agents want to sign there," said one tweet. As if being excited the team might actually have a small chance is something fans aren't allowed to do, and therefore should somehow be mocked for it.

On the other hand, if Wild fans say they don't think free agents will sign here, or show apathy, then they are mocked because they aren't "fan enough."

So Wild fans sit back, enjoy the monumental and colossal waste of time and resources of the "experts" guessing about what Zach Parise might do. I have yet to meet or speak to a Wild fan that thinks either of the free agents are a lock to sign with the Wild. They have, however, been well informed on both situations, and think the Wild could, repeat could make a solid run on July 1.

But what about Ryan Suter? What is his thinking right now? Did we really need to start a "Ryan Suter Files" series as well? This week, there was a decent amount of talk about Suter, who, like pork, has become the other white meat.

Join us us after the jump for a look at the talk on Suter.

While the hockey world in Minnesota seems to be focused on Parise, the Wild could use Suter's services just as much, if not more. The blueline for the Wild is weak, at best, and has zero punch offensively. This week there were two solid pieces about Suter, both of which are important as we head into the draft and then into free agency.

KFAN Talks With Those Who Know

Patrick Brannan of KFAN, has an interesting piece up about Suter's personality. Having spoken with the Predator's beat writer, Joshua Cooper, and some figures from Suter's past, it gives an unique look at Suter, and what he might be processing in his head when he has 30 offers to decide between.

From Brannan's piece:

"He is a ‘want-to-be' farmer," [David] Poile said to a Nashville area radio station. "Everything that you have heard about Ryan, that's how he talks - about the land, the trees and the animals and that's what Ryan wants to be. He was born and raised in Wisconsin; he loves it up there and has a beautiful place."

Cooper agreed that Suter is a private person.

"He is a guy that likes his privacy," Cooper told me. "I don't know if he was in a market where everybody knew who you are and everybody followed your every move, if he would really enjoy that."

Turns out, Minnesota is really close to Wisconsin (unfortunately), we have lots of trees, and some animals. Some rather tasty animals, as a matter of fact. We also have plenty of dirt if Suter would like a farm. Heck, maybe the Xcel Energy Center needs a green roof tended to. Advantage: Wild

In more bad news for Rangers fans:

"I still believe that we (Nashville) are the right fit for him on and off the ice," Poile said. He went out of his way to add that, "The Los Angeles Kings could go after Ryan and the New York Rangers can. He is not going there. I am one-hundred-percent sure of that based on his personality, the size of the city and the market he wants to play in."

His former coach agreed.

"If Ryan was in a New York or something he would go there but if he has a choice in this matter, which at this point of his career he does, being able to get away into some country space to go out to fish and be alone fits his personality pretty well," said Eaves.

St. Paul / Minneapolis isn't exactly a small town, but considering NYC and LA, we certainly are quaint. Read the entire article over at KFAN. It's good stuff. In fact, read it often.

To List or Not to List

The other talk with Suter involves trading his rights to a team prior to July 1, and the Predators getting something in return. If that is the case, Suter would have to be involved to let them know where he might want to go. So is there a list or teams he will or won't go to?

Russo rides in to save the day on this one, before it gets out of control:

I never saw those reports, so I gave Suter's agent, Neil Sheehy, a call and he denied them, saying it's "100 percent untrue" that Suter 1) has a list of teams he would and would not go to and 2) that he's given any list to Preds GM David Poile.

I saw a few tweets after this saying that Russo had somehow written that this means Suter was coming to the Wild. Go read the post and tell me where he says that, because I don't see it. All Russo does is explain that Suter doesn't have a list, and what he thinks Suter will do in regards to signing before July 1.

My reading comprehension skills seem to be pretty solid, but maybe I missed something.

Where We Are With Suter

Basically, if you're looking for something to chew on, you should go buy some jerky. The other white meat isn't available yet, so there is nothing to go with those brocoli spears and apple sauce on your plate. Anyone else have any other meat analogies they would like to make here? On second thought, let's not do that.

We are, with Suter, exactly where we are with Parise. No one has anything solid, but we do have plenty to go with to keep ourselves interested. Not too interested, or you're an idiot and think all free agents want to sign here, but interested, so you aren't an apathetic loser.

Will Parise or Suter sign here? We've discussed that before, and we haven't changed our minds. Both are, in our minds, long shots for the Wild. The haters want to say Wild fans are delusional about these two players, and that's fine. I'm still waiting for proof.

However, we will keep overexposing the two players with tales of how a Yankees ball game might change their mind. It's just what we do.