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Happy Father's Day from Hockey Wilderness

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More years ago than I care to admit, my dad took me to the local ice arena and filled out the paperwork to let me play hockey. That winter, he taught me to fall down skate, and I played the game I now love for the first time. Over the years, my dad served as my coach, my skate tier, goal-pad-stapper-oner, glove side critic, and biggest fan. Among all of the things a dad is supposed to do, teaching their children to love the game of hockey is an absolute must, and my dad did a spectacular job.

I am jealous sometimes that I will never have a kid as cool as my dad had, but I'll have to live with my awesomeness disappointment. Though, my kids are probably way cooler than I am, so there's that.

On Father's Day, we just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge dads out in the Wilderness. To my fellow Wilderness staff dads Nathan and Bruce, as well as all the dads out in the commentariat, Happy Father's Day.

What's your favorite hockey memory with your dad? Or, just your favorite memory with your dad.