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Minnesota Wild & Xcel Energy Center to Revamp Club Level; Add Party Deck Style Seating

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This story has nothing to do with the draft, but it is draft day, so why not?
This story has nothing to do with the draft, but it is draft day, so why not?

You're sitting around one day, talking to your significant other, or perhaps it's your buddies. You say to your conversational partner, "You know, I have an extra $48,000 lying around for the next few years. What do you think I should do with it?"

Now, your answer has been made for you.

Through our network of spies, evil video camera staplers, and robotic mosquitoes, we have obtained a plan that shows a completely reworked Club Level end, designed to mimic the Budweiser Roof Deck at Target Field. The seats in that area will be removed to make room for four person tables, complete will complementary food and beverages delivered to your seats throughout the evening, and iPads to enjoy the peripherals surrounding the game.

A full year of this new seating will set you back 48,000 pictures of George Washington. Not a bad deal, if you have the cash and plan to attend a number of events at the X throughout the course of the year. It certainly wouldn't be a bad deal for a business that entertains clients, which seems to be the point of the Club Level in the first place.

For what this new seating will look like, see the pictures after the jump.


This appears to be a rendering of what the area would look like before entering the seating area. For those that have been on the Club Level before, the bar looks very similar to what is already there. It is interesting to note that this area looks to be walled off from the rest of the Club Level, providing an exclusive area in an already exclusive area.


The seating area would look a great deal like the standing room only bar rail "seats" that surround the X. Though, the computer generated picture shows what looks to be granite counters, which would only make sense in an area such as this. Each arc of granite would seat four people, and most likely, would need to be purchased in sets of four.


The view from outside the area makes it clear rather quickly why the seats are going to cost what they do. The arena is coughing up a large amount of real estate for a limited number of seats. It is tough to tell from the image how many people this area might seat, but it certainly looks to be less than 100 in the rendering. Again, making this an exclusive area inside an already exclusive area.

It becomes obvious that season ticket holders in the area will need to be relocated, let they wish to pony up the dough to stick around the area. With this being the Club Level, the number of seats to relocate to are going to be limited, especially since this is in an end zone area of the level. How all that shakes out will be interesting to watch.

If you are a Club Level ticket holder impacted by this, let us know what your thoughts are. Will you relocate? To where? Are you OK with the transformation?

For the rest of the Wilderness, would you be willing to front 48 large to sit in the now most exclusive area of the arena? Anyone willing to buy a table for Hockey Wilderness to use?