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NHL Draft 2012: Hear From Minnesota Wild First Rounder Mathew Dumba

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One of the pleasures we had last year was being live at the draft. Being able to talk with the kids was a real treat, especially when we also had the ability to bring those interviews to you, the Wilderness. With the draft in Pittsburgh, and Nathan unwilling to pay to send me there (big jerk), we are dependent on our fellow SB Nation writers who are in the building.

The interviews immediately following being selected a re a good deal of fun, and we are lucky enough to be part of a network that gives us the reach to still get that for you.

Steve Lepore of SB Nation's NHL hub, and of Puck the Media fame was good enough to get us an interview with Mathew Dumba shortly after being drafted by the Minnesota Wild. Listen in, get to know the kid a bit, and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy, Wilderness. Thank you, again, to Steve for getting this for us.

(Interview audio... after the jump)