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NHL Draft 2012 Minnesota Wild Round 3-7 Review

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Adam Gilmour, and he is going to be a steal, I'm telling you
Adam Gilmour, and he is going to be a steal, I'm telling you

In the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, the Minnesota Wild added Mathew Dumba and Raphael Bussieres to the prospect pool The rich gets richer.

I love most of these picks as they are solid players that just improve our already solid group of prospects. There aren't too many project picks, just solid players with decent upside and a good future.

3rd Rd #68 D John Draeger - Shattuck St. Mary's (HIGH-MN) 6.02 186

Draeger is a solid defensive defenseman who has a large frame that still needs filling out. He skating has improved alot this season and he plays with poise and calmness you like to see in a defenseman. While he likes to see himself as an all-round defenseman, his specialty is really his ability to shut-down players and defend. However, he does move the puck well, has good hockey intellect, and has tons of intangiles. Who knows, he might just develop a productive offensive side to his game.

Role projection: Defensive-minded defenseman

Developmental Time Needed: 2-3 years at MSU, then maybe 1-2 more in the AHL.

4th Rd #98 RW Adam Gilmour - Nobles (HIGH-MA) 6.03 194

A solid skater with a great frame to fill out and plays a simple, two-way game. He does everything you want as a forward well. He battles hard, drives to the net, forechecks well, and plays with energy. He doesn't have the most dynamic hands or deadly shot, but at times does show flashes of stick skills. Although he relies on an effective game, he does sometimes use those skills of his, but he rather just keep it simple. He will be heading to Boston College.

Role projection: Top nine forward

Developmental Time Needed: 3 years at BC, 1-2 years in AHL

5th Rd #128 D Daniel Gunnarsson - Lulea HF (SEL) 6.04 207

Not much is known about Gunnarsson other than from a poorly translated Swedish blog on the Lulea team, the Wild must have seem him when watch Johan Gustafsson play. He surprised as a 19-year old player on the team by becoming a regular on the one of the strongest defensive group in the SEL, due to openings on the blueline from injuries. He took his chance and hasn't looked back. Gunnarsson considers himself an offensive defenseman who likes to skate with the puck, make strong passes, and shoot on the PP.

The Wild love their young players that play like men. Gunnarsson is one of the,.

Role projection: Two-way defenseman

Developmental Time Needed: Already 20, 1 more year in the SEL, then 2 years in the AHL.

6th Rd #158 C Christoph Bertschy - Bern (SWISS-A) 5.10 170

Remember our last Swiss played named Julien Sprunger? That was back in the day where our prospect pool sucked and he was supposed to come and help save us...

Well, Bertschy is a guy that has tools of offensive potential but his defensive game and lack of size drops him late into the draft. He had a great year in Switzerland as well as help as a key player for the WJC team. He has very good hands, creativity and a dangerous shot. He plays with energy in the offensive zone and is extremely agile. The problem is, if it isn't in the offensive zone, that energy and drive goes away.

Role projection: Boom-or-bust offensive forward

Developmental Time Needed: 1-2 years in Switzerland, 2 years in the AHL

7th Rd #188 C Louis Nanne - Edina (HIGH-MN) 5.10 162

You all know this name, Nanne. So I don't have to explain his backstory.

The consensus out there is that Nanne isn't exceptionally skilled in offense, but he does have great north-end type of speed, is defensive minded, and works his butt off. He is gritty, plays with energy, and doesn't mind using his body. The problem is, his body is very big or strong. He will need to put on alot of muscle (and I mean ALOT) if he wants to develop into a bottom six NHLer.

Role projection: Checking bottom six forward

Developmental Time Needed: 1 year in BCHL or USHL, 3-4 years in college, 2 years in AHL