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Hockey Day Minnesota 2013 Games Announced

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Hockey Day Minnesota 2013
Hockey Day Minnesota 2013

In what has become as polarizing a subject here at Hockey Wilderness as any other, the Minnesota Wild have announced the games that will be played on Hockey Day Minnesota this coming season. The marketing extravaganza hockey games will take place January 19, 2013. Hopefully the inclusion of some of the out-state schools, and the fact the high school games will be held on Pokegema Lake, near Grand Rapids, will help to alleviate some of the "Hockey Day Twin Cities" from the debate.

Though, that is doubtful.

There will still be complaints about the college level game being between the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers and the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Fighting Featureless Landscapes. It should be interesting to see how these games lay out in coming years at the U of M leaves the WCHA, and the rivalries with the other four Minnesota colleges, behind.

In all honesty, my level of care is less than that which I can muster for a baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Mariners (until they move to Oklahoma City, of course), but hockey fans here seem to get fired up about this, so let's discuss.

For this year, the event seems to be set, saves for times. The complete schedule is after the jump.


High School Games (Pokegama Lake, Grand Rapids)

Eagan vs. Hibbing (boys)

Benilde St. Margaret's vs. Grand Rapids (boys)

Hibbing vs. Grand Rapids (girls) *tape delay

College Game

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. North Dakota, Mariucci Arena

Wild Game

Minnesota Wild vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, Xcel Energy Center

Anything there appeal to anyone? Anyone ready to lash out at the system for keeping the Mavericks down? Let's hear your thoughts, Wilderness.