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NHL Free Agency 2012: Guillaume Latendresse Reportedly to go UFA

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Looks like goodbyes are in order. Best of luck to you, good sir.
Looks like goodbyes are in order. Best of luck to you, good sir.

According to a Twitter report from LA Lariviere (via Pro Hockey Talk), the Minnesota Wild and Guillaume Latendresse will part ways as of July 1st. The situation with Latendresse is a tough one for the Wild. They need the scoring Latendresse could provide if he were to stay healthy, but they simply cannot risk throwing good money after bad. The health concerns are very real, and the Wild have to do what is right by the organization and the team.

The Wild cannot build a team based on his health and have it fall apart again when there are other options available. This isn't a slight on Latendresse, but the faith he has in the gyroscope seems to be a bit higher than the faith the Wild have in it. This is, without a doubt, a big loss for the Wild, but it does open up their options going into Sunday. The players we listed in our look at free agent forwards can now be seriously considered.

The full tweet, and a couple other throughts... after the jump.


Random thoughts:

  • This makes it sound an awful lot like Fletcher didn't want to bring Lats back, which from reports from Russo was not the case.
  • Why the hell would he want to be closer to Montreal? Sure hope he just means close to home and not back to the Habs. They didn't exactly treat him well.
  • I have no idea who this reporter is, but he works for TVA Sports, so he must have at least a modicum of respectability.
  • If this really is the end, we wish Latendresse nothing but the best in the future. Hopefully his health matches his confidence in the coming season.
  • One of his other tweets claims to have the Habs in the race for Zach Parise. I have some strong doubts there.

Thoughts, Wilderness?