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NHL Free Agency 2012: Minnesota Wild Re-sign Matt Kassian

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He can hit, he can score... he's the complete package.
He can hit, he can score... he's the complete package.

The Minnesota Wild have made their big free agent signing for the summer, agreeing to terms with enforcer Matt Kassian on a two year, one way deal worth a total of $1.15 million.

I, of course, am kidding that this is the big free agent move. I am unsure about what the reaction will be to this signing. Some in the Wilderness strike me as thinking the Wild should skate four scoring lines, and checking the opposition be damned. Others seem to feel the Wild should just goon it up and take the Broad Street Bullies for a run. Not sure either extreme is what they need.

In all honesty, this signing is a decent move for the team. Kassian is a solid fourth liner with the ability to also serve as the enforcer. He is not a liability, playing decent defensively, and even has contributed some offense. It is unclear what more fans would like from a fourth line player, but Kassian seems to be the real deal when it comes to that role.

Plus, maybe we get to see more of this:

That, right there, should be worth $1.15 million to Wild fans. Hell, to NHL fans.

Any thoughts here, Wild fans? Just another day? Happy happy, joy joy? Hopefully you don't all hate me as much as you did about the Schultz story on this one.