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NHL Free Agency 2012: Erik Christensen to KHL? Signs Pointing that Way

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There are a number of reports saying that Erik Christensen has signed with a team in the Kontinental Hockey League, based in Russia. At first, it was Twitter, then it was our friends at First Round Bust, now NBC's Pro Hockey Talk and Yahoo's Dmitry Chesnokov are reporting the same. The reports seem to stem from one article on a Czech site, and Chesnokov says the team announced it via their Facebook page.

This information, while it is increasingly likely to be true, means nothing until confirmed by or his agent. This could still be completely false. Teams in the KHL have announced they signed players in the past, only to have it not be true. The number of sites and sources reporting the info do not matter, as they are all drawing the information from one source: the Czech team.

I want to stress that I have no reason to believe the information false, but want everyone to remember that this is the season for false reports, rumor mongering, and flat out making stuff up. Be wary, and until you read the information from the player, his agent, or someone like Russo, be cautious about it's validity. Even if true, there is nothing preventing him from also signing a deal in the NHL. Remember, these two leagues have never cemented a transfer agreement.

What does this mean for the Wild, if true? After the jump.

The Wild likely had zero interest in bringing Christensen back. I know there is a vocal minority in the Wilderness that won't understand this, but Christensen isn't very good. Rangers fans told you he wasn't, and he lived up to their reports. Long stretches of nothing... absolutely nothing... are not mitigated by a couple late season goals.

This is not a blow to the team, and is likely not even a blip on the team's radar.

Christensen is a shootout specialist, and nothing more. He provided little in terms of defense, and about the same in terms of offense. Fans won't be pleased over giving up Casey Wellman for Christensen, but Wellman wasn't doing much for the Wild, either.

The small silver lining in all of this? The Wild get a 7th round pick from the Rangers in 2013 if Christensen is truly not coming back to the Wild.

Thoughts on this Wilderness? Pretty minor move in this one man's opinion.