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Naming the Buffoon: Now Accepting Nominations

Der... I lub me some rumors. Der.
Der... I lub me some rumors. Der.

We've reached a breaking point, folks. The number of people who continue to buy in to the anonymous rumor mongers has grown to the point where the group needs a moniker. You know the types. They not only follow Eklund and his even more moronic counterpart HockeyyInsiderr, but they RT them, attempt to interact with them, and take their word to actually mean something. They flood our timelines and comment sections with the drivel they find from those sources, and make us debunk crap rumors that deserve little more than a smack in the head.

If you are one of them, please do one of two things: stop or go away.

For the rest of you, let's throw out some names for this collective mind suck. There are no rules here, and there is no prize. Names with curse words in them are welcome, but likely will not be chosen for purposes of everyday use. The more creative name, the better.

Let's hear it, Wilderness. I've had it with these addlepated morons. Let's give their collective a name, shall we?