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NHL CBA 2012 Nightmare Scenarios: What Would We Do?

"I think Mike Modano is being perfectly rational."
"I think Mike Modano is being perfectly rational."

Things don't look very good on the CBA front. The owners have issued their opening salvo, and from one report, the belief there is going to be a season at all may be waning. We are still holding out hope that the two sides can figure this out, and we get to watch and talk about hockey. Yet, we also owe all of you the service of planning ahead for any contingency.

With the idea that we may have a boat load of time on our hands, we will need something to do and something to talk about. Keep in mind, we are up against record traffic numbers, so we can't just fold up shop for the season. We're going to need some high powered story lines to follow while we mourn the (potential) loss of the season.

Join us as we explore some ideas of things to do and stories to write. Submit your own in the comment section!

Things to Do

  • Talk to our spouses / significant others / kids.
  • Watch... barf... football.
  • Watch basket... yeah I can't even write it.
  • Catch up on comic book based movie viewing.
  • Make fun of Oilers fans, if only because a lockout would mean their team wouldn't suck for that amount of time.
  • Find new jokes to make about JS and Canada.
  • Rent a Mike Modano costume and retire from my job, then rent a Brett Favre costume and beg for my job back.

Things to Write About

  • Brett Favre
  • Justin Bieber
  • Kate Upton
  • Brett Favre throwing a pass to Justin Bieber
  • Brett Favre throwing a pass to Justin Bieber while making a pass at Kate Upton (likely while wearing crocs).
  • Peter Forsberg's attempts to make a come back while disguised as Mike Modano.
  • Brett Favre telling them both they are being absurd.
  • Article after article about what a terrible basketball writer Russo is.
  • The impact of the lockout on former third overall pick Cam Barker Kobe Bryant.

What you got, Wilderness? Let's start stockpiling ideas for the long, hard winter.