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Minnesota Wild Sign Mathew Dumba to Entry Level Deal

Keep smiling, kid.
Keep smiling, kid.

The Minnesota Wild announced today that they have signed 2012 first round pick Mathew Dumba to a 3 year, entry level contract. Russo quickly followed that up with the details while on vacation somewhere in Europe. His cap hit, once he makes the big club, will be $1.633 million.

Please don't get overly excited here. Dumba does not qualify to play in the AHL yet, and he is not going to make the NHL squad. He will head back to his junior squad, most likely for a couple years, and then head to Houston for further development. Signing him should not be an indication of anything other than the fact the Wild wanted to get him a contract and be sure he was in the fold.

It is good to see the team being highly proactive about their prospects, even if they won't be in St. Paul for a few years, yet.