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Tragedy in Colorado Takes One of Our Own

News this morning of a shooting in Colorado that has (as of this writing) claimed 12 lives would be enough to take pause. The fact that one of hockey writing community was involved... well that just makes us that much more angry and sad. Jessica Redfield covered hockey for Busted Coverage (and plenty of freelance work), and did a damn fine job of it. I never met her, but many of my friends in the hockey world have, and the pain on their faces today is evident.

Jessica was killed at a midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises when a madman opened fire. No reason for the shooting is known, nor will it likely be ever known. We may even be told what the crazy person thought was his rationale. It won't justify what happened. It won't bring those 12 people back, and it won't make a lick of sense to anyone. It's not supposed to. We aren't madmen.

Those who knew Jessica, and those that knew the other 11 victims, are in the thoughts and prayers of those of us here at Hockey Wilderness. We ask that our readers do the same.

Barring any major news, HW will be silent for the rest of the day.

UPDATE: It turns out Jessica was an intern with the You Can Play Project. What say we honor her memory by supporting the mission, both through living it, and (if you can afford to) through donations. You can donate HERE.