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Debunking Rumors: Your Daily Laugh

They said what now?
They said what now?

Earlier today, we started our voting process to name the collective group of fans that continue to follow and believe the self-declared hockey insiders. No matter the winner, we are sure the name will be perfectly suited for a group that cannot possibly justify why they believe these things, except by admitting that they simply are not paying any attention to the world around them.

While the voting progresses, we thought we would share with you a rumor from one of these moronic "insiders." This is the type of thing that when it comes out, Twitter explodes with people freaking out about the information, wondering why the teams involved would do such a thing, or what might happen to their favorite players.

What these same people should do is avail themselves of sites like Capgeek, and educate themselves on how the NHL actually works, so that when these morons post this type of BS, they can relax and know that it isn't going to happen. It really is not that difficult at all to do. We'll show you how, after the jump.

The Rumor

No link, because they don't deserve the click it would give them.


How to Debunk This

  1. Go to Capgeek (or just know what is actually going on in the NHL)
  2. Pull up salary cap charts for all teams involved.
  3. Read and educate yourself.

Still not getting it? Here is why these don't work:

Bruins Rumor

The idiot insider extaordinaire says the Bruins would be interested in Dany Heatley. Heatly's cap hit is $7.5 million. The Bruins have roughly $277K in cap space, so any move to bring Heatley there is going to require the Bruins to send players and salary back to the Wild. With the Wild sitting at $776K in space, the amount of cash is going to nearly match.

The only players that have major contracts for the Bruins are: Zedeno Chara ($6.9 million), David Krejci ($5.25 million), & Patrice Bergeron ($5 million). They also have Marc Savard, Nathan Horton, and Milan Lucic around $4 million a year. In other words, if the Bruins are going to bring in Heatley and his $7.5 million cap hit, they are going to need to send back more than one player.

Are the B's ready to part with Chara+? Krejci+? Any of the above listed players+? For Dany Heatley who doesn't even fit with the make up of the Bruins?

And, even if the B's were prepared to do so, Russo says the Wild are at 49 contracts (which we have mentioned before). Are the Wild ready to take two salaries for NHL players, maxing them out on contracts, and displacing someone already on a one way deal (23 players available on the roster, 23 players signed).

Columbus Rumor

This one is really quite easy. Rick Nash reportedly has a list of teams he is willing to be traded to. The Wild was not on it. The Wild aren't giving up Niklas Backstrom and Heatley for RJ Umberger and a pick. Any move of Backstrom and Heatley has to involve Nash.

Why the Jackets would make this deal is beyond me. Backstrom is reaching the end of his career, and has been injured for more and more games each season. Heatley is not a replacement for Nash by any stretch of the imagination.

How about the Wild? Would they make this deal? I wouldn't mind it, but would Chuck Fletcher be ready to turn the keys over to Josh Harding and Matt Hackett? After he just spent $196 million on two free agents? Maybe he would. Nash is a solid talent, and carries a hefty $7.8 million cap hit. Still, the cap hit in this trade actually favors the Wild, giving them space to do... well, to do something, I guess. Not sure what, but maybe the insiders can tell us.

Oh, and there is a little matter of Heatley and Backstrom having no trade clauses in their contracts. Imagine that conversation.

Fletcher: "Dany, Nik, thanks for coming in, guys. I wanted to talk to you about the future. We here at the Wild just signed Zach Parise and Ryan Suter in a bid to build the team into a playoff team, and hopefully get the prospects in here shortly to become a contender. You never know, we could make a push this very season.

But you guys are more used to losing, and we know that's really more in your comfort zones, so how about waiving your NTCs to go to lovely Columbus, Ohio?"

Heatley: "Let me get this straight, you want us to waive our NTCs to go to Columbus and play with Rick Nash?"

Fletcher: "Yeah... about that..."

Backstrom: "My English isn't very good."

At this point, both players walk out of the office, board planes and fly home. After a couple days, they send Fletcher a note asking how his bout with senility is going, and pledging their support through this difficult health challenge.

Coyotes Rumor

Who are the Yotes going to send to the Wild for Heatley? Antoine Vermette, a third line center for the Wild? Keith Yandle? That might work, but not sure the Yotes are ready to give up the best defenseman on their depth chart for a guyat the end of his career. But hey... maybe.

The End Result

None of the above rumor makes any sense. These insiders prey on people who are not educating themselves about the team and the NHL. They play on the base emotions of fans, trying to get people fired up and talking. Once again, we simply ask that if you are one of these people (and we still don't get why you would be), please try to give yourself the basic education needed to avoid being sucked in to the point where you make yourself look as stupid as the person making the rumor up in the first place.