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Rick Nash Traded to the New York Rangers - What Does it Mean for the Minnesota Wild?

Does he at least get to do one last "Sad Hulk" turn?
Does he at least get to do one last "Sad Hulk" turn?

Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie tag teamed the details, giving us a Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the New York Rangers for Tim Erixon, Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinski, a first round pick, and an AHL player we have yet to learn the name of, but will of no consequence.

Twitter is an interesting place at moments like these. Some feel the Rangers robbed the Jackets, which is understandable with Scott Howson at the helm. Some feel the Rangers overpaid (very few feel this way), which is understandable with Glen Sather at the helm. The truth is? Neither side wins this, and neither side wins it.

The Rangers get the more high profile player, but also one that has struggled to perform on a small stage and now heads to the biggest media stage in the world. The Jackets get a handful of players that aren't special in anyway, and a draft pick for the face of their franchise, and the only player 99% of the hockey world could name from the Jackets' roster.

Win, lose... whatever. The trade happened, and we now look at what it means to the Wild.

What this Means for the Minnesota Wild

1. Wild killer Rick Nash heads to the East, and only plays the Wild once a year.

2. Well, there's the uh... and... um...

3. At least the Wild get to keep Dany Heatley and Niklas Backstrom.

4. Then there's...

Yeah, it doesn't mean much at all. Sorry folks. Not everything ties back. No matter how hard we try. And we tied the Kentucky Derby winner to Zach Parise. Back to summer, everyone.