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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Picking the Top Seeds

No one ever dresses up as Jack the Chimp, you know?
No one ever dresses up as Jack the Chimp, you know?

Earlier in the week, we took nominations for your favorite hockey movie characters. We received enough nominees to run four brackets, with 8 characters each. Three movies dominated the nomination process: Slapshot, Mighty Ducks, and Mystery, Alaska. Each movie garnered at least seven nominees. With the remaining characters, we randomly chose two characters and put them in the Mighty Ducks and Mystery, Alaska brackets, and created a final "Mutt" bracket with the remainder of the nominees.

Some of the nominees were a bit... off the wall, but we included as many of them as we could. One nominee was a player, and we could not, for the life of us, find a movie he was in. Ah well. This should be a fun process as we narrow down the field little by little, and keep ourselves entertained throughout the summer.

Today, we need your help to set the number 1 seed in each bracket. So, make the jump and cast your vote. Anyone we missed that absolutely has to be included? Maybe we'll add a "play-in" round. Voting for this will remain open until Sunday, and then we kick into gear next week.

Mighty Ducks Bracket

Slapshot Bracket

Mystery, Alaska Bracket

Mutt Bracket