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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Youngblood vs Swifty

Yeah man, they're doing this movie character thing. I've never heard of half of the movies. What's up with that?
Yeah man, they're doing this movie character thing. I've never heard of half of the movies. What's up with that?

Now we're down to the real work, folks. Once a day, Monday - Friday, you will need to vote for your favorite character to move them forward in the brackets. Don't assume your favorite is going to make it through, because if you don't vote, the other guy wins. Voting will be open for one week for first round battles, but there will be a new poll each day. Make sure you stop by everyday and vote.

The brackets have been set, which you can download Here: Movie Characters Brackets. Today's vote is a play-in round for the Mutt Division. It will either be Swifty from Idol of the Crowds or Dean Youngblood from Youngblood. If you haven't seen the movies, be sure to check them out. What else are you going to watch? The Olympics? Psh.

If you have seen the movies, give us your reason for voting the way you did, and share your useless movie knowledge with the world!

Swifty (Idol of the Crowds, 1937)

From IMDB:

Retired hockey player Johnny Hansen, in order to make money to enlarge his chicken farm, returns to the game and leads his team into the championship series. Just before the series starts, he is offered a bribe to throw the games but refuses. An attempt is made on his life which results in Bobby, the team's mascot, being injured

Dean Youngblood (Youngblood, 1986)

From Wikipedia:

A 17-year-old farmhand from rural New York state, Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) has dreams of playing in the National Hockey League. First he must prove to himself, his family and his teammates that he can survive in the harsh, brutal world of Canadian Junior Hockey with a rag tag team of roughnecks, the Hamilton Mustangs. Possessing blazing speed and a quick stick, he has a violent run-in with a brutish player, Carl Racki (George J. Finn), during try-outs. Youngblood quickly learns that flashiness and pure athletic ability will not be enough to be successful in this league.

After his mentor and friend on the team, Derek Sutton (Patrick Swayze) is brutally injured by the thuggish Racki (now with the rival Thunder Bay Bombers), Youngblood returns home to the farm out of fear, sadness, and disgust. After a pep-talk by his older brother, Kelly (Jim Youngs) about the nature of never quitting and always standing up for yourself, Youngblood is inspired to learn how to fight and survive on the ice and adapt the killer instinct that has been stopping him from being successful. Youngblood returns to the team a new man, ready to confront Racki in the final game of the Memorial Cup playoffs between his team and the Thunder Bay Bombers.