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Naming the Buffoon: Introducing the Insiderrps


It's been a long road, with bitter debates pitting father against son, mother against daughter, cat against dog. Yet, here we stand, with one of our summer projects completed.

A couple weeks ago, the idiots and morons who follow, retweet, and believe the ridiculous anonymous "insider" accounts pushed too far, and required naming. We allowed you to propose names, and then we took a vote. After a process that took far too long, we have settled on a name that seems to fit all too well. A name that, from now on, will allow us to refer to the stupidity and gullibility of the collective in a single word.

Ladies & gentlemen, we introduce to you, the "Insiderrps." The double "r" fits so well, it makes us smile in its genius, while being just insulting enough that those it is aimed at won't understand it. It's snarky and bitter, which fits our tone perfectly.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Long live the Insiderrps!