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NHL Free Agency 2012: Minnesota Wild Re-Sign Justin Falk

Heeeeee's baaaaaack...
Heeeeee's baaaaaack...

For those not up on the whole spelling thing, that's Justin Falknot Justin Faulk. There's a big difference, and hockey fans need to get that through their heads. One is a defensive d-man that just re-signed with the Minnesota Wild, the other is a budding star for the Carolina Hurricanes. Get this one right, people. Don't be that guy.

This puts the Wild over the 23 man limit for in season games, meaning something is going to give in training camp. Stephane Veilleux could very well end up the odd man out, with his two way deal. Of course, it could also be newly acquired Jake Dowell for all we know.

This is a good, solid, no-brainer type move for the Wild, securing for another year a big d-man who is learning how to use his size well. It is still unclear if Falk is a shut down d-man, or "just another" stay at home defenseman who can through his weight around when needed.

Regardless, he is still a young player, he has NHL games under his belt, and could benefit greatly from having Ryan Suter around. Falk will be around St. Paul, but will likely compete with Clayton Stoner for playing time. You also have to figure that the Wild are done in free agency, save for locking up the RFAs in Houston.

Oh, and to the haters: suck it.