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Wilderness Walk: 7/26/12 - More Parise and Suter Stuff

Yes Ryan, you're still ugly and the Oilers still suck. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Yes Ryan, you're still ugly and the Oilers still suck. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There's no need for much commentary from me here. People love the Wild, people hate the Wild, New Jersey fans are bitter, Nashville fans are bitter, New Jersey fans are thankful, Nashville fans are thankful. No broad brushes here. Just the facts.

Oh, and there might be a couple items in here that will annoy you. Just wanted to give you fair warning.

Should Nashville Predators fans blame David Poile or Ryan Suter for yesterday's events? - On the Forecheck
I posed this question on twitter yesterday: Who do you blame for Ryan Suter signing with Minnesota and the Predators getting nothing in return? David Poile or Ryan Suter?

Wild re-signs Justin Falk |

Fifteen minutes before restricted free agent Justin Falk could have filed salary arbitration, the Wild agreed to terms with the big, mobile defenseman on a one-year, $825,000 deal. Falk has 12 points and 60 penalty minutes in 72 career games.

Wild 2012-13 Depth Chart |

And without, further ado, here is your updated Wild depth chart for next season.

No comparison between LeBron and Wild signings |

When Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed with the Wild on Wednesday, Twitter turned into a receptacle for one-liners about Minnesota becoming the Miami Heat of the NHL. Which is exactly right. No better comparison can be made. The Wild is Heat on Ice. Lake Minnetonka is exactly like South Beach. Except we lack 55-year-old sun worshippers wearing G-strings. A description that also fits some of the South Beach women

State of Hockey is manic |

Vadnais Heights resident Murray Rudisill was cutting the grass on a laid-back July 4 when he picked up his phone and realized hockey chaos had ensued. He had about 30 missed calls and 40 text messages -- "Incredible," "It's a miracle," two of them read -- over the Wild's double- blockbuster signing of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. Rudisill called all of his buddies to join him in the pool.

The Minnesota Wild signed Ryan Suter and Zach Parise - Allan Muir -

The Minnesota Wild joined the NHL in 2000. They finally became a team worth watching on Wedneday afternoon.

Devils fan burns Zach Parise jersey, Minnesota fan goes Wild and other signing reactions (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

How did some New Jersey Devils fans handle the news? With hellfire. Here's James Schreib treating his Zach Parise jersey to a funeral pyre:

Zach Parise Explains How He Ended Up With The Minnesota Wild - SB Nation Minnesota

A little over 24 hours after becoming the newest member of the Minnesota Wild, Zach Parise joined NHL's Network's nightly show NHL Live to explain how he ended up deciding to play for the Wild.

Minnesota Wild's gain (Zach Parise) is New Jersey Devils' loss -

Lou Lamoriello always has a Plan B, even if he doesn't share it publicly in advance. The New Jersey Devils general manager certainly needs one now after losing captain Zach Parise on Wednesday, July 4.

Charley Walters: Minnesota Wild owner tells mayor to wait on parade -

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said he broke into a little dance when he learned that Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold had signed free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter on Wednesday, July 4.

Paul Christian: LaPanta's new job just got more interesting - Post Bulletin

"I just told him, ‘our season just got a whole lot better,' '' LaPanta said. "You can feel it in the air, there's a definite buzz. Already, I think the team has sold 1,000 new season tickets for next year, and I expect the excitement to continue all summer.''

Zach Parise & Ryan Suter to Minnesota Wild: Why Wild Are Stanley Cup Contenders | Bleacher Report

From every perspective, it's a flawless defensive corps. Futher, the Wild have also taken steps to fortify their long-questionable goaltending situation.

Minnesota Wild: Why Parise and Suter Won't Take Wild to the Finals Anytime Soon | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report

However, there are a number of factors as to why the Wild just might not be able to compete for Lord Stanley as soon as most people think.

Minnesota Wild face suddenly lofty standards -

After the biggest day of his tenure as the Wild's general manager, Chuck Fletcher awoke on Thursday, July 5, with more radio interviews to do than moves to make for the 2012-13 season.

Minnesota Wild, owner Craig Leipold validate need for cap circumventing long-term deals in NHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Leipold's words in April and deeds in July make him a hypocrite: Crying about expenses related to player salaries, and then adding $196 million in expenses for two players. Unless, of course, he meant the Wild would fix their spending levels by inflating them for the two largest contracts in franchise history.

Around The Rink | NHL Hot Stove Update: Minnesota, A Love Story | Hockey This Week

This isn’t a normal love story. Rather than ‘boy meets girl,’ this story has an entire region that had a piece of its cultural identity ripped from it, and the struggle to bring it back. It’s a story about how sports mean way more than they should to the people who love them. It’s about kids who learn to skate before they can read, a fan base deprived of a pro sports championship, and how two of those kids can become legends of the highest order in a place that’s been dying for a hero. It’s a story about heartbreak and redemption. It’s a story about Minnesota and hockey, and why part of every one of us should want to see a cup hoisted in St. Paul.

Nanne saw Fletcher targeting Suter, Parise in 2010 - - NHL Insider

Few people know Minnesota hockey better than Lou Nanne. The former player and NHL executive played at the University of Minnesota in the 1960s before skating 10 seasons with the North Stars, eventually serving as the team's general manager for a decade. Now an analyst on area sports radio, Nanne knows what he's talking about when he calls the Minnesota Wild's signing of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to matching 13-year contracts one of the significant events in the State of Hockey's sports history.

NHL free agents fill Adrian Dater's mailbag - Adrian Dater -

The NHL is just as much off its rocker as it was eight years ago, right before the lockout when everyone said spending was out of control and there was no way the league could survive because of it. And so, naturally we have Craig Leipold spending $196 million on TWO PLAYERS.

Do Zach Parise, Ryan Suter Make Minnesota Wild Contenders? -

What happens when you take the top NHL team as of December 2011 and add the top free agent forward and defenseman as of July 2012? A team that should at least contend for second place in the Northwest Division, that's what.