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Weekend Open Thread

He's watching...
He's watching...

Things have slowed a bit around here, and weekends usually involve people doing things other than being here. I'm not quite sure what else you all do with your time, but not being here seems to be a really bad idea. With me still being out of town, JS off doing moose things for money, Dan collecting small plastic children's toys, Nathan doing whatever it is people with too much awesome do, Heather melting in Texas, Bruce swimming in Duluth, and Jesse... well... no one really knows what Jesse does... you are left to your own devices.

If something comes up, we'll be back. Eventually. For now, feel free to discuss your week, your bodily fluids, haters, other terms for haters, or just make fun of the Oilers. It's what we do here.

Enjoy your day. Stay cool, stay dry, and for cripe's sake, clean up after yourself.