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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Charlie Conway vs Julie Gaffney

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It's The Cat! Wait...
It's The Cat! Wait...

The Mighty Ducks division doesn't have many difficult choices in the first round. This could be the one that actually makes you think about the choice you are about to make. The hero of the entire series, Charlie Conway takes on one of the best supporting roles in the second two movies in Julie "The Cat" Gaffney. Who doesn't love the oh so lovable leader? At the same time, who doesn't love the goalie?

This may only be a tough choice for me. Who knows. But the pure cheese involved when The Cat stare at her glove, and no one knows what happened? Beautiful cinematic art. Shows that the movies were never actually intended for hockey fans.

Enjoy this vote, folks.

Charlie Conway (Mighty Ducks, 1992)

From Disney Wikia

Charlie Conway is the leader, heart, and soul of the team. Although not the fastest, skilled, nor strongest player, Charlie is extremely loyal to the Ducks and to his coach, possessing the greatest leadership qualities among his teammates. In The Mighty Ducks, Charlie was skeptical of the new coach like most of the team, especially when Coach Bombay attempted to have the entire team cheat by faking falls.

Coach Bombay chews him out after he fails to fake a fall in their second game but Charlie quits, angrily saying he refuses to cheat in hockey. When Coach comes over to apologize for his behavior, Charlie forgives him and invites him to stay for dinner. This results in Coach taking Charlie under his wing and having several private discussions, mostly about their lives. Charlie attempts to push his single mom and Coach Bombay together but the relationship doesn't last once he leaves for the minor league.


Julie Gaffne (D2: The Mighty Ducks, 1994)

From Disney Wikia

Coach Bombay put in her in the goal in the first match-up against Iceland to give Goldberg a break. However, she is thrown out of the game when she kicks 2 of the Iceland players in the shins for insulting her abilities as a girl. Her reputation as "The Cat" is cemented when she stops Iceland's Gunner Stahl's shot to give the Ducks the championship in the Junior Goodwill Games.

She is one of the reasons the Ducks won their final games with her miracle saves. Although she is the better of the two team goalies, Julie does not become the starter until D3: The Mighty Ducks. Her personality is feisty yet friendly for she wants the team to win and to be taken seriously as a female goalie. Julie is portrayed by Colombe Jacobsen.