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LA Kings 4-on-4 Week 4

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Yesterday, the Kings posted week 4 of the weekly column we were invited to join, 4-on-4. We've linked to the three prior, but decided to give you a bit more this week before sending you over to check out the answers. See, this week, Nathan and I split the duties of answering the questions, something that has led to hilarity in the past, and this week is no different.

The one question we will share with you is this one:

One team in each the East and West that made the playoffs last year but will drop out of the top 8, and why.

Nathan's answer, the Kings' tweet introducing the post, and a response of, yes, epic proportions from Twitter.

First, Nathan's answer:

East: Pittsburgh Penguins. Sidney Crosby will miss 60 games. Evgeni Malkin will miss 65 games and their defense is fraudulent. Karma has to come to Pittsburgh, right?

West: Detroit. Ding, dong, the Wings are dead. Too many holes, not enough aging Europeans to fill them.

Pretty straight forward, right? Bold predictions, to be sure, but nothing overly... wait... yeah. That last line isn't going to go over well. To add to the fire, the Kings account (well known for pushing buttons) sent out this intro tweet:


Notice, if you will, the quotes involved, suggesting they were using a quote from someone else. This is an important fact, when you note that the reaction to the Kings has not been pleasant.

Reaction to Kings



A solid response from the Wings' official Twitter account. The banner thing is cute, too. So like an Edmonton Oilers fan to trot out banner won before half of their fan base was alive. They also seem to miss the point completely that the Kings are not the ones responsible for the quote.

Eventually, a few people figured it out, though.

Reaction to Nathan


Apparently, this user missed the fact that the HW account is for an entire group. So, you're welcome Bruce, JS, Jesse, Dan, Ms. Conduct... you're all morons. So am I, but that goes without saying, I think.


And the creme-de-la-creme. This guy finally figured out that Nathan had the quote, not the Kings, and then came out swinging. Personally, I have never been more proud of the boss for garnering such a powerful reaction. You know, until you realize that it's just another in a long line of overly sensitive fans from a specific fan base to remain unnamed.

This could be a long season for Red Wings fans. Of course, you never know until the games play out, but right now, the Wings look a hell of a lot weaker than they have in the past. The reasons seem obvious to people outside Detroit, and if you take the time to look, to most of those inside Detroit as well. The team is aging, their defense took a massive blow, and they struck out on the free agent market.

The Wings have always found a way to make the playoffs, but the 20 year run seems to be coming to a close. It may not be this year, but it is coming. Calling Nathan names isn't going to change that. Though, it sure is fun.

Side note: If you go to read the entire post, which you should, you will note that I missed the fact I was supposed to pick a team from the East. But Nathan is the moron.