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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Doug Glatt vs Johnny Hanson

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Totally not the right Duke.
Totally not the right Duke.

Thus far in our contest, the voting has not been anywhere near the realm of close. The voting is open for a week for each bracket, but the leads their respective leaders have built are impressive. That likely doesn't change today, unfortunately.

Today's match-up is made up of two lead characters, for the first time in our competition. Maybe this makes a difference, maybe it doesn't. It does represent the #2 seed vs the #7, and Idol of the Crowds doesn't seem to have much of a following in 2012. The Duke cannot be happy about this.

For your voting pleasure, we present Doug Glatt, lead character in Goon, vs Johnny Hanson, lead character in Idol of the Crowds. Before we send you off, has any watched Idol of the Crowds? What about Goon?

Doug Glatt (Goon, 2011)

From Wikipedia:

A bouncer at a bar in Massachusetts, feels ostracized from his stereotypical Jewish family, his father (Eugene Levy) and brother both being doctors. One day he attends a minor league hockey game with his friend Pat (Jay Baruchel). Pat taunts the visiting team during a fight and one of their players climbs into the stands, calling him a homosexual slur. Doug, in defense of his gay brother, Ira, quickly knocks him out, which prompts the rest of the crowd to cheer him on. Soon after, Doug gets a phone call from the coach of his hometown team who offers him a job as an enforcer.


Johnny Hanson (Idol of the Crowds, 1937)

From IMDB:

Johnny Hanson wants to make enough money to enlarge his chicken farm. He does this through hockey. Gangsters get involved in trying to get him to throw a championship game, even lining up a woman to help steer him their way.