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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Ogie Oglethorpe vs Mo Wanchuk

The movie Slap Shot is not for the easily offended. Strong language, violence, sexual situations, more violence, lather, rinse, repeat. It's not a wonder it is a cult classic. All the things people like in one spectacular cinematic piece of history. Determining the best character in this movie alone could be a debate for the ages. Throw them into a contest like ours, and it only gets more complicated.

Today, two characters with the crude storylines go head to head and come out swinging. Though, maybe this one will wind up with a close vote. We keep hoping. It has yet to happen, but we keep hoping. Ogie Oglethorpe is a pretty awesome hockey name, so maybe Mo doesn't stand a chance. Who knows?

Go vote.

Olgie Oglethorpe (Slap Shot, 1977)

From Wikipedia

a spectacularly vulgar hockey player, Morris "Mo" Wanchuk


Mo Wanchuk (Slap Shot, 1977)