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It's Been a Good Day: Letter From a Fan

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From "Craig" via email:

Subject: Think before you speak!

Hey Bryan,

I couldn't help but laugh at everything you have written in regards to the Vancouver Canucks. If I were a boss and compared both the Canucks and the Wilds resumes I would send the Canucks to the executive suite and the Wild to the janitorial duties of the building. To be honest the Wild are probably still going to be considered the laughing stock of the Northwest division just as they have been for the last decade. Even with the additions of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise I will still be surprised if you even get 2nd in the division let alone dream of a playoff berth. There is not one Vancouver Canuck you wouldn't take on your team, plain and simple. Your team is so desperate you would even take Luongo for the right price. Canucks always have and always will be the top dogs in the west. They are hated because they "win" maybe if they copied the wilds blue print of losing they would become more popular. I thought most people from Minnesota pretend or want to be Canadian anyway?!?!

Have nice day ice fishing!