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Letter From a Fan: The Comment Section Must Have Been Broken

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Editors Note: This is fun. Please keep the emails coming. Click the envelope at the bottom of the page next to my name.

From "Travis"

Subject: Wow........


I figured I'd take the time out of my day to email you, mostly because I feel I have no choice. I found it quite humorous to read your comments about Taylor Hall. I admit I'm not a blogger and I definitely don't write for a living, but after reading your blog it became obvious that even I could write garbage for a living and someone would take it seriously.

I would've been embarrassed to write a blog such as you did accusing Taylor Hall of being " at best, a second line player ". Its laughable really, considering we will have 7 prime years of Taylor Hall at 6million/year and you get 13 years of Parise, past his prime, at 7.5million/year. That is a hilarious notion considering I like Parise a lot and considering you, I assume, watch the oilers play on a regular basis.

My favorite part was the way you argued the facts, that proved your statement completely false, from your commentators, commentators who regularly read your blogs. I feel like there's so much I could write, but you've shown that it's a waste of my time. I figured that instead of arguing with you, I'd rather look forward to seeing Hall make you eat your words, every year for the next 8 years. You've proven to be the equivalent to blogging as HockeyyInsiderr or Eklund is to Hockey rumors....... A joke. Hopefully you get emails like this on a regular basis, cheers.