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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: The Hanson Brothers vs Johnny Upton

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MMmmm Bop, Bop ba do wap...
MMmmm Bop, Bop ba do wap...

We got a bit off course last week, what with Moose Pie making a strong come back, so many new friends stopping by, the letters from our dear fans, and King Insiderrp II claiming that Cam Barker was coming back to the Wild. We'll wait here while you stop laughing.

Are you back now? OK, good. Now that it seems our friends have gone back to their "home sites" to gloat about their non-existent victory and call me ignorant, we can get back to Nathan's project. Yeah, the boss thinks we should get this done, so we'll try to push forward. Hopefully you are all here by the time we finish up. That should be sometime in December.

I kid.

Today, The Hanson Brothers begin their march to the finals against something called Johnny Upton. We'd go into a great deal of detail, but none of you care. The Hanson Brothers are awesome, and Johnny Boy has zero chance. Make the jump. It'll be fun.

The Hanson Brothers (Slap Shot, 1977)


Reggie Dunlop: What are you guys doing?
Steve Hanson: Puttin' on the foil!
Jeff Hanson: Every game!
Jack Hanson: Yeah, you want some?


Johnny Upton (Slap Shot, 1977)


You don't really care.


It's the Hanson Brothers. Everyone is going to vote for them so just go vote.