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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Ross Rhea vs Doug Glatt

After some struggles with the polls the last couple of days, we send up a prayer to the hockey gods for their benevolence and assistance in making the poll work today.

Doug Glatt and Ross Rhea are the two pivotal characters in the movie Goon, serving as the subplot and the bulk of the violence in the movie. They are the goons for whom the movie is named. The fights between the two are the stuff of masochistic dreams, and carry just a touch of entertainment for even those who do not care for violence in hockey.

Choosing the winner in this one may not be as easy as it has been in the past. Both characters deserve strong recognition. The only question is, do you like the hero, or the foil?

Warning: All video NSFW

Doug Glatt (Goon, 2011)


Ross Rhea (Goon, 2011)



Assuming this actually works today, cast your vote here: