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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Adam Banks vs Happy Gilmore

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Continuing through round two of the Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket is moving fast and furious. We should be able to wrap this up with the next couple of weeks, in which case we can all focus intently on the lack of hockey being played. It'll be awesome.

Today, Adam Banks takes on Happy Gilmore, in one of the match ups we might actually pay to go watch in a theater. Seriously, how awesome would a Big Daddy remake with Happy raising Adam to be a golfer be? You have to figure Adam would end up a golfer, right? I mean, he is a cake eater, after all. All cake eaters play golf. It's just a known quantity.

On a side note, has anyone ever tried the Happy Gilmore swing? Any success? Do you have video to share with the class?

Adam Banks (Mighty Ducks, 1992)


Uh... OK.

Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore, 1996)