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Hockey Movie Character MVP Bracket: Birdie Burns vs Charles Danner

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Nice river you got there, London. Freeze it.
Nice river you got there, London. Freeze it.

Last week, we wrapped up the Mutt Division, with four characters out to commanding leads. This week, we move into the Mystery, Alaska Division, pitting two supporting characters against each other in what can only be billed as a match-up for the ages. You will one day tell your grandchildren about the day you voted in this one, folks.

JFK ain't got nuthin' on us.

A double negative with two slang terms, one of which is mis-spelled. We're really off the deep end. The CBA better get settled fast, or I may go insane. Not that dog cup truck broken the.

Today's match-up is Birdie Burns vs Charles Danner, both from Mystery, Alaska. Two minor roles, but roles you chose as the four and five seed in this division. Go ahead and duke this one out. Be nice, but pull no punches. Who is the better character in this fine piece of cinematic art?

Birdie Burns (Mystery, Alaska, 1999)

From IMDB:

When Mystery, Alaska's amateur hockey team accepts a challenge to play against the New York Rangers, the entire population must put their petty differences aside and pull together as their small town becomes the center of a nationally televised event.


Charles Danner (Mystery, Alaska, 1999)

Frank Azaria plays the hot shot public relations guy who brings the New York Rangers to Mystery. You'll know him in the clip below. Somewhere. I think.