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NHL CBA Negotiations: Turn Out the Lights, Lock the Doors


In a little less than 12 hours, the NHL's current collective bargaining agreement will expire, and the league will quietly slip into a state of lockout. It looks as though there will be no press conference or statement released to announce it, just a league going into shutdown mode with the same level of pomp and circumstance that is given to your neighbor painting their house. A league known for bone crushing hits will fade into the background with less than a whimper.

How long we go with this is still up in the air, with neither side showing any motivation sit down and talk. As of right now, there are zero plans on when the two sides will meet again. They are taking the league into shutdown, and have no plans on when they will even get together to discuss the situation again.

The cliches have been thrown around, the comparisons to bad situations made, and now the reality sinks in. The NHL is headed into lockout, with absolutely no time frame on when it will be back.

Let's hear it Wilderness. Vent your frustrations, announce your sorrows. Let it all out.