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NHL Lockout: Preseason Canceled Through 9-30

"Wait... you don't care what I think? Everyone cares what I think."
"Wait... you don't care what I think? Everyone cares what I think."

According to multiple sources, including the Wild, the NHL has canceled preseason games through September 30. For the WIld, this kills off the following games:

  • September 25th vs Dallas Stars in Boise, ID
  • September 26th at home vs Dallas
  • September 28 vs St. Loius
  • September 29 at home vs St. Louis

>These are your first lockout casualties, ladies & gents. Welcome to lockout hockey. These are four games no one likely thought mattered anyway, but they were still games, and it shows that there will almost certainly be at least a delay to the start of the season at this point.

But hey, Russo says Gary Bettman is disappointed in the media covering the NHL. I once felt really bad when my dad told me he was disappointed in something I did. Gary Bettman isn't my dad. I really don't give a rip what Gary Bettman thinks of the way I am covering the lockout, nor how anyone in the media is covering the lockout. That's the great thing about this... we don't work for him.

Maybe you should give us something positive to write about there, Gru.