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Wilderness Walk for 9-20-2012: If I Close My Eyes Forever

Random search term: Mumbai.
Random search term: Mumbai.

If I close my eyes forever... will it all remain the same? If I close my eyes forever... will it all remain unchanged?*

Your obvious statement is obvious of the day: this lockout sucks. Something needs to happen. Either a hockey god needs to break with the norm and force the issue, the Aeros need to start camp, high schools need to start early, or colleges need to get it in gear. Something. Anything.

Please, hockey gods. Please save us from this hell on earth. At the very least, please give us something to write about. If we can ask anything of you, we ask for that small favor.

Your links. After the jump.

Lockout News

Four Wild preseason games axed off the 2012-13 schedule | - Because I know most of you still don't believe things until Russo says so.

The NHL cancelled pre-season games until October 1st, much to the chagrin of no people | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - To be honest, I agree. Preseason sucks. Not as much as no preseason at all, but it still sucks.

Alex Ovechkin reaffirms that he might stay in Russia if NHL reduces player salaries | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
- Guessing Ted Leonsis is not a fan of this idea.

Not Lockout News

Should the NHL adopt OHL’s new rules that target fighting leaders? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - No. They shouldn't. Because these rules are dumb. If you want fighting gone, sack up and make it gone.

First Round Bust: 2012 Minnesota Wild Prospects: #9 - Zack Phillips - Sigh. Hockey.

Central Scouting Releases Players To Watch List | - Central Scouting. Not locked out.

The Third Intermission: Pre-camp Update - Hey! Look! Aeros stuff! Sad news in this post, though.

Ryan Kesler singled out as diver in NHL’s crackdown on embellishment | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Shocking and completely unpredictable information.

*Just for you, Shelby