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Wilderness Walk for 9-21-2012: Uh... Yeah

Random search term of the day: lip.
Random search term of the day: lip.

We here at Hockey Wilderness always strive to bring you the latest in news surrounding the Wild, and the NHL (where necessary). Sometimes, this winds up an extremely painful exercise. Such as today. What the hell are we supposed to tell you? Puck Daddy has eight stories a day, Back Hand Shelf has five, and the entire SB Nation NHL team accounted for 70.

If those numbers don't mean much to you, you should try stepping into my shoes for a day or two. Usually there are 1000+ stories to read on any given day. Now? Less than 100 in most cases.

While my reading assignments are down, it makes the Walk rather difficult. Not that any of you care. I'm just telling you. I miss reading about hockey. Enjoy your day.

First Things First

SB Nation United Is Coming Soon: Here's A Preview - Blueshirt Banter- Looking around the network, it seems we may have been supposed to make one of these posts. Instead, we'll just let you look at Blueshirt Banter and tell you that big changes are coming for Hockey Wilderness. Be prepared.

Lockout News

Cody Ceci nets four assists, 67's still lose 6-4 to Colts - Silver Seven - Must be nice to have something to write about.

It’s time for Gary Bettman and the NHL to police its owners | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Interesting read.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Hockey's coming! Hockey's coming! - Zip it, you.

Aeros to open training camp at Xcel; Backstrom injured, delays KHL signing | - Hockey Wilderness plans to be at the X for at least Saturday and Sunday. Will you be there?

First Round Bust: 2012 Minnesota Wild Prospects: #8 - Jason Zucker - The series continues.

Off the Trail

Puck Worlds Moving To - Puck Worlds - Big news if you follow the game on a world level.

5 little hockey tricks that can make your day, even when you don’t see the stat sheet | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Damn sneaky d-men.

What I'm Listening To

What are you listening to? If we can't have hockey, let's have music.