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Wilderness Walk for 9-24-2012: Weekend Recap

Random image search term: suit.
Random image search term: suit.

In case you didn't notice, we weren't around this weekend. For those who went into a panic, know this was a planned outage. There is very little news these days to report on, and you are all distracted by the Vikings and Gophers, which I believe are teams that play tennis. It's either that or bandi. I can't remember. Either way, you folks seem to like them more than us. We see how it is.

So, we decided to save the links over the weekend and give you some time wasters on your Monday morning. Try not to get too excited. There still isn't much going on. the lockout still sucks. That's about all we've got.

Happy Monday, everyone.

First Things First

A reminder... there are going to be some changes here at Hockey Wilderness. As SB Nation United rolls out (sounds like that will be rather soon), you will see a fairly major change in the way the site looks. If you get here, and the site looks different, DO NOT PANIC! The site is still here, it just looks different. Everything else will still be here.

We promise.

Lockout News

Detroit Red Wings’ Jim Devellano fined $250,000 for ‘neither constructive nor helpful’ comments | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - But yeah, the owners are winning the PR battle.

Donald Fehr on NHLPA exodus to Europe: ‘What anybody else would do if locked out’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
- OK, Don. Now, make a call and get a deal done. OK? Thanks.

NHL Players make a statement with new practice jerseys | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Meh.

Best buds Ennis, Spurgeon off to Switzerland | ProHockeyTalk - Hey, Spurge, can you pick me up a clock?

First Round Bust: To Go To Europe Or Stay At Home? - Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble... if I stay it will be double...

IIHF president lukewarm on NHL players in Europe | ProHockeyTalk - This may make me sound like a pompous American, but well... I am a pompous American. There are few organizations in which the list of shits I give about what they think is as short as that of the IIHF.

Wild News

NHL 2012-13 Campaign Preview: Minnesota Wild | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Harrison Mooney previews the Wild. I give him the Most Improved Season Preview Award. Well done, sir.

Off the Trail

Condolences to the Nanne family | - Hockey Wilderness joins the hockey world in expressing our condolences to one of the hockey world's best.

Derek Boogaard -- Dead NHL Star's Parents File $9.8 Million Lawsuit | - This is a bit awkward for me, personally. The Boogaards are friends, and I have friends that work at the PA. At this point, it would be nice to have more details before rendering judgement.

The Oilers’ Twitter account is not helping arena talks, threatens relocation | ProHockeyTalk - Oh man. The Whalers are coming back, baby!