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Whalers Meter: Edmonton Oilers Saga Continues

Back when we started the Whalers Meter, we never really thought the Edmonton Oilers were in any real danger of moving. It is difficult to think that a franchise with the history of the Oilers is just going to pack up and move, but such could be the case in today's public financing crazed ownership group. Hell, why buy a stadium yourself when you can threaten to move the team and the city / state / country will just build one for you?

However, here we are, just over two months later, and the Oilers moving saga has not gone away. Rather, it continues to pick up steam as the ownership of the Oilers pulls one of the biggest dick moves in history and threatens to move his team to Seattle in the middle of a lockout.

The latest twist has the Oilers brass in Seattle, where the city just approved a stadium with no team, to send the message to Edmonton that they are serious. They then issued a statement saying that Seattle isn't the only city interested in the franchise. All this, after they refused to meet with the Edmonton city council to discuss the matter.

It still seems unlikely that the Oilers are going to move, but it sure is going to be a large amount of fun watching Edmonton squirm on this one. As I mentioned on Twitter, I hate the idea of teams moving. We went through it here, and it sucks. But, damn if it couldn't happen to a better group of fans. Daryl Katz, come to MSP. First beer's on me, buddy.

One is forced to wonder: Would Taylor Hall be less of a flop in Seattle or Hartford? I can't help but think he would be.