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Best (Worst?) Blooper In Minnesota Wild History

As we cry over the impending lost season, we need something to lift our spirits. So why don't we take a walk down memory lane and laugh at the best (worst?) bloopers in Wild history.

Richard Wolowicz - Getty Images

Laughing at your favorite team is not something many fans can do. Fortunately for each of you, we here at Hockey Wilderness are more than willing to laugh at them for you. We are also quite willing to laugh at you, if you would prefer.

With nothing much else to laugh at, and tiring of laughing at Commissioner Gru, we turn our attention to the past. Rather than only give you one blooper, though, and deem that the greatest blooper in team history, we decided to give you four of them, and let you decide what the best blooper should be.

Join us as we relive Devin Stoguchi falling down, Martin Skoula falling down, Cal Clutterbuck punching a ref, and Bobby Ryan scoring with Mikko Koivu's stick. Then, vote and tell us which one is the best.

Devin Setoguchi Falls Down

Martin Skoula being Martin Skoula

Cal Clutterbuck Punches Ref

Bobby Ryan Scores with Mikko Koivu's Stick