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Wilderness Walk for 9-28-2012: A Moment of Pause

Your daily time wasters.

Elsa - Getty Images for NASCAR

Before we get going on the Walk, and the truly small matters in life, we wanted to take a moment to take note of the shooting here in Minneapolis last night. The last info we had before this writing was that "several" people were dead, and a handful of others were injured badly enough to be rushed to the hospital.

We don't often discuss matters like this here at Hockey Wilderness, but damn it, this is our town. This is where we live, and where most of our readers live. This is home. It is absolutely terrifying that someone could (according to the news we had) lose their job and believe the best thing to do in that situation is to go back and kill as many people as possible. I'm not looking forward to the stories of who these victims were, or the families they left behind.

Please take a moment from your day today and send your thoughts to those living through this nightmare.

On to the trivialities.

"Wild" News

If you can't talk Wild, you can at least talk Aeros | - It's almost surreal to see Russo writing about hockey. Sigh.

Parise considering job in Switzerland; full NHL preseason canceled | - This has "bad idea" written all over it, but what else is he going to do?

Tending the Fields

Orlando Solar Bears fill out roster, add Blair and Palmisano : House Solar Energy - The ECHL affiliate looks to be filling out as well.

Off the Trail

WILD PUCK BANTER: Other Pursuits - Agreed. Get it done.

Ms. Conduct: This, that, and a hiatus - Freaking Ms. C. Watching her mothball one of the first sites I ever read regularly is a bit emotional. The reasons behind it are understandable, I'll still get my Ms. C fix, and she isn't about to disappear, but it is still a bit sad to see that particular page go quiet. One of the best, from one of the best. The readers of the Houston Chronicle are luckier than they will ever know.

Guess the Random Search Term

The search term used yesterday was: pillow. What do you think it was today?