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Happy Labor Day from Hockey Wilderness

They want a day for what? No. Fire 'em all.
They want a day for what? No. Fire 'em all.

We hope today finds you and your family safe and happy, as we celebrate the labor force here in the United States. Enjoy your "street parades to exhibit to the public the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations, followed by festivals for the workers and their families, while we temporarily take our minds off of the labor dispute in the NHL.

Enjoy your unofficial end to summer in as responsible way as you are capable of, and try not to laugh at all of your friends that have to work today. After all, no one wants to laugh when they are drinking beer on a lake. You'll wind up spitting the beer out, and that's a waste of good beer.

We'll be back in action tomorrow, celebrating as children, under the ruthless oppression of spirit, head back to school. [insert maniacal laugh here]

Happy Labor Day, Wilderness.