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NHL CBA Negotiations: Radio Host Says It's Over, Beat Writer Says Not so Fast

Local radio host, Common Man Dan Cole says he has a source that says we're back at work by Wednesday. NHL beat writers disagree.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

Everyone in the NHL is looking for a bright spot. Anything they can latch onto for hope that they will get to see some hockey soon. It is honestly surprising that the Insiderrps haven't preyed more on the weak minded dolts that follow them in order to generate page views. This hope is something that comes from every hockey fan wanting their fix, their distraction from real life doldrums.

There was a flash of hope for about a minute and a half on Twitter today when the Common Man, Dan Cole, of KFAN sent out this tweet:


It immediately struck me as odd that the Common Man would have inside information o the CBA before the guys at TSN or guys like Mike Russo. Please note, I am a big fan of Common. His show is a good listen nearly every single day, and is perfect for me, since Common has about as much faith in Minnesota sports as I do.

It just doesn't mesh with what we have been hearing from the news sources who have the deepest inside sources there are. This is not to suggest that Common is making this up, but more to suggest that his sources are, very likely, wrong.

To drive the point home, this tweet came just minutes after Common's from ROb Rossi, the beat writer for the Pittsburgh Penguins:


In situations like this, you have a choice to make. Do you get your hopes up that Common's sources are correct, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or do you go with the information that makes more sense, and meshes perfectly with the way the talks have been going?

To me this is one of two things. Either Common was trying to pull a prank, or he is trolling hockey fans. Either way, I hope people aren't buying it.

It all comes down to how much you want to get your heartbroken. I'm going to lean on the side of caution here, and be pleasantly surprised if Common is right, rather than buy in and be crushed. Plus, you know, I'm a bitter jerk, so hope isn't really something I do.

Keep your eyes on the prize Wilderness.