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Win Swarm Tickets

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Win Swarm Tickets!!

So what is this Swarm that Brigid and Bryan keep going on about? Would you like a chance to see a game? Well, have I got a contest for you. Answer these 5 questions and you could win tickets to attend the swarm opener on January 26th at the Xcel Energy Center at 7 pm against the Washington Stealth. The Contest will run from now (1:00 pm on January 10) to 1:00 pm on January 16. A winner will be selected and notified January 17th.

To enter, all you have to do is answer these 5 easy questions and email your answers to brigid22 (aar4381(@) (remove the ()). Title your email Swarm Contest All answers can be found on the swarm website. Tickets will be mailed the week before the game.

So…onto the questions.

1. 1. Who are the Swarm game hosts?

2. 2. What is the diameter of the goal crease?

3. 3. Who is the coach of the Swarm?

4. 4. How many years has Ryan Benesch been pro?

5. 5. How much is a single game worker bee ticket?

Good luck and have fun!