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Aeros weekend GDT- The last hurrah edition

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The Aeros take on the Baby Stars, Baby Avs and Baby Hurricanes this weekend

Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

Well Wilderness, the end is upon us for threads about the Houston Aeros. This weekend is the last weekend before the puck drops for the Wild, and the Aeros have decided to make it worth your while with a 3 in 3 over the weekend. In honor of Hockey Wilderness’s last hurrah with the Aeros GDTs, I offer you a full weekend thread. Make sure you tune in and catch up on what is going on with your favorite Aeros/future Wild players.

Friday night features the Aeros taking on the Texas Stars (Baby Stars) at the Cedar Park Center, puck drop at 7:30. Saturday night, the Aeros will battle the Lake Erie Monsters (Baby Avs) at 7pm. Finally on Sunday the Aeros will take on Charlotte at 5pm. Both Saturdays and Sundays games will be at the Toyota Center in Houston.

To date, the only players that have left the Aeros for Minnesota are Granlund and Scandella. With Scandella being on IR anyway, the only player that the Aeros will be missing is Granlund. The other teams are all missing multiple players who have been recalled to the mother clubs. Should be interesting to see how this affects game play.

Audio and video can be found in the usual places, but shoot a message in the comments if you need help find either.