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Wilderness Walk 1-13-13 Schedule's Out Edition

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Hannah Foslien

Well, we've got a schedule. Everybody picked out the games they're excited about? Zenon Konopka joined twitter @ZenonKonopka - give him a follow

Long walk today so I'm just going to get right to it

Wild Links:

Wild News: Free Scrimmage, other perks Wednesday, ticket prices Info about the scrimmage and other things

Compressed NHL season will be sprint for Wild A look by Souhan at the shortened season

Deal's ok means real work: Wild open with homestand What's to come for the Wild

Change hits home (ice) for Parise We'll finally get to see him on the ice

NHL lockout ends, training camps set to open Breakdown of the schedule

Minnesota Wild will open Jan 19th at home against Colorado Avalanche As has been reported; it's now official

Doctor 'so impressed' by Harding A little bit on how Harding's doing

Minnesota Wild Goalie Josh Harding on his multiple sclerosis "you can't dwell on it." Attitude is everything

Official Wild schedule schedule from

Wild Wednesday information on the scrimmage and season ticket holder perks

Training camp Training camp information from

Memorandum of Understanding expected to be signed by NHL/NHLPA today And so it was

Gone Puck Wild: Northwest Division Preview GPW gives us their take at how the division will stack up

Gone Puck Wild: Minnesota Wild New Season: New Enforcer Who will be the enforcer for the Wild?

National TV Schedule No airings on NBC, but we make NBCSN 4 times

Wild Open Season Saturday vs Colorado Fox Sports with a preview

Off the Beaten Path

Here's the full CBA summary In case you were interested, PHT comes through for you

Report: Flyers to sign Kurtis Foster Good for Fozzie

CBA official; NHL releases 2013 schedule; 10 can't miss dates And yes the Wild made the list

10 interesting highlights from the NHL's new CBA CBA Because you were curious what took so long, admit it.

How much money is PK Subban worth? Because everyone wants their team to sign him

Datsyuk puts on a show at the KHL skills competition Because who doesn't love a Datsyukian Deke