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Wilderness Walk for 1-15-2013

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These people are dumb. Don't be dumb.
These people are dumb. Don't be dumb.
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Questions surround the NHL right now, with everyone questioning what will happen with a shortened season, new players around the league, new rules, new CBA, new hot dogs in Tampa. Wait, they already got new hot dogs. Never mind. The time has come for some questions for the Wilderness. OK, one question.

Is there interest for a Hockey Wilderness fantasy league or two? If so, please make your voices heard. We also would like to know if anyone would like to volunteer to be the commissioner for any leagues we might set up. Our staff is simply not of the ilk to have much spare time, and fantasy falls somewhere below "feeding the children" on the priority list.

So... let's hear it. Anyone want to run a HW fantasy league? Anyone even want there to be one? Go.

Wild News

Wild's Falk, Prosser are blue-line greenhorns no more | - Yep. Time to keep their job rather than earn it.

Bouchard impresses Yeo with scrimmage showing | - Good news.

Granlund, Heatley, Kassian score in scrimmage; Bouchard, Dumba, Aeros updates | - Read things. About stuff.

Wild Wednesday Hockey Lodge Offer – Additional Details | - Want to spend some money or get some stuff? Now's your chance.

Wild scrimmage tonight; Early power-play glimpse; NHL GameCenter/Center Ice info | - Russo from before the game.

Wild Promotional Schedule | - Wondering when you can get that sweet, um, whatever it is? Here you go.

Should The Minnesota Wild Re-Sign Niklas Backstrom? - No.

Has Cal Clutterbuck Become Expendable? | The Hockey Writers - Yes, but he won't be gone.

Laxidasical Meanderings

Yes, we know it is misspelled. Here, you will find lacrosse news, so... enjoy.

IL Indoor Fan Poll: Choose the NLL goal of the week | IL Indoor - Take a chance. Go watch the clips, and tell me this isn't cool.

National Lacrosse League Power Rankings | IL Indoor - Because we all love power rankings.

Off the Trail

How much NHL Center Ice and GameCenter Live will cost you for the 2013 season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Free isn't going to happen. If you want to watch hockey, suck it up. Best deal you'll ever see on this.

Fantasy Hockey: Defenseman Composite Rankings | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Any fantasy players out there? Here's a new way to look at things. Also... you should probably be reading Fantasy Hockey Scouts. Just a thought.