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Minnesota Wild Prop Bets for 2013 Season

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Looking to gamble on the Minnesota Wild? Here's your odds.

Gambling is bad. But here's the numbers.
Gambling is bad. But here's the numbers.
Jeff Bottari

We here at Hockey Wilderness aren't big on gambling. We do not recommend or promote that you break any applicable laws by gambling on sports in any way, shape, or form. That $20 you bet your buddy that the Canucks can't possibly dive more this season than last is something we just don't want to know about.

That said, sportsbook site Brovada always has some interesting odds on what is known as a "prop bet." Prop bets are things like "Who will win the Art Ross trophy?" or "How many points will so and so score?" The list of prop bets is usually entertaining enough to comment on, but generally doesn't have much to do with the Wild shy of "how many points will the Wild miss the playoffs by?"

This year is different. You can bet on a handful of odds surrounding Minnesota Wild and their players. If you want to see a full list of the prop bets available right now, head over to their site. Again, we do not recommend betting, but that's your choice to make.

Over / Under

  • Mikko Koivu 40 1/2 points
  • Zach Parise 40 1/2 points
  • Minnesota Wild 54 1/2

Who will win the Art Ross trophy as the league's top points scorer?

  • Mikko Koivu 66/1
  • Zach Parise 45/1
  • Best chance: Sidney Crosby 11/4

Who will win the James Norris trophy as the league's best defenseman?

  • Ryan Suter 10/1
  • Best chance: Erik Karlsson 4/1

Who will win the Vezina trophy as the league's best goaltender?

  • Niklas Backstrom 25/1
  • Best chance: Henrik Lundqvist 4/1
Minnesota Wild to make the playoffs?
  • Yes 20/53
  • No 41/20
Odds to win Northwest Division
Odds to win Western Division
  • Minnesota Wild 9/1 (tied with the Red Wings, 6th best chance)
  • Best Chance: Vancouver Canucks 9/2
  • Worst Chance: Columbus Blue Jackets 60/1
Odds to win the Stanley Cup
  • Minnesota Wild 18/1 (10th in league)
  • Best Chance: New York Rangers 15/2
  • Worst Chance: Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1