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Wilderness Walk for 1-16-2013

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Daily links and news.

A little kid playing tennis. What's your point?
A little kid playing tennis. What's your point?
Mark Metcalfe

We are quickly approaching the start of the 2013 NHL season, and already the fans have worked themselves into a lather. People are camped out at the X waiting to buy single game tickets, despite the fact that through the Wild's social media, the tickets have been available since noon yesterday. But hey... if you want to sleep in a folding chair in downtown St. Paul, feel free. The smart people bought theirs from their couch.

Today's Walk is somewhat hefty. Make sure you get through it all. There is some really good stuff for you to read. And, there is a sweet poll for you to answer. Good times.

Wild News

KFAN Podcast with Craig Leipold & Lou Nanne (Part 1)- Must listen stuff.

KFAN Podcast with Craig Leipold & Lou Nanne (Part 2) - More.

Team officials hope to make things right with Wild fans | - So... do you accept?

Wild's final forward spots still up for grabs | - Should be fun to watch.

Chart: Rush to the Wild opener | - Charts are fun.

Mid-day talker: All 48 Wild games will be on TV this year | - In case you are more of a TV person.

Updates From Wild Training Camp Day Three | - Using hyperbolic stats, training camp is already roughly 50% over, and the Wild haven't even played a game yet.

WILD PUCK BANTER: NW Division Projections - Well played.

Minnesota Wild: Jared Spurgeon will do double duty in Wednesday scrimmage - - Well, he is big enough to be two men, right?

Wild re-sign wing Nick Palmieri to one-year, two-way contract | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) | Sportswire: Minnesota Wild - You already knew that.

Wild's Bouchard excited to be back on the ice, after another concussion recovery | Fox News So. Excited.

PHT’s Pressing Questions: Can Parise and Suter take the Wild to the next level? | ProHockeyTalk - Yep, but not far enough.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: Prospect Viewing: Adam Gilmour - This is going to be forgotten. Don't let it happen to you.

Minnesota Wild: Mathew Dumba is young but impressive - - The two are nbot usually mutually exclusive, in my experience.

Wednesday's Wild scrimmage will be critical for a few forwards | - Who wants a job?

Laxidasical Meanderings

Tavares hidden-ball goal shouldn’t have counted. — National Lacrosse League | IL Indoor - That would never happen.

Off the Trail

Former North Stars co-owner George Gund III dies | - Rest in peace, sir.

Fantasy Hockey: Centre Composite Rankings | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Fantasy hockey help.

Fantasy Hockey: Right Wing Composite Rankings | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - More.

Fantasy Hockey: Left Wing Composite Rankings | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - And... more.

David Booth out up to six weeks, as Canucks face lineup panic | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Dude needs to catch a break.

If Wade Redden's bought out, is a reunion in the making? - Silver Seven - Brings up a question... if Redden were bought out, would you want the Wild to make the necessary decisions to bring him in? For how much?

TSN’s top 50 NHL players list: Your annual source of mental anguish | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Tow thoughts:

1. Zach Parise is a better player than Alex Ovechkin? Hmmmm...

2. Looks like they are adding second line bust players to the top 50 now days.